Dining Out

Dining out can be frightening for a person with Celiac Disease or allergies. I know when I go out with friends, family, or a work function with my husband, I’m always slightly embarrassed. I have to start every conversation with the server with “I am extremely ‘allergic’ to gluten. I am not gluten-free by choice, but by necessity.” Those of you, I’m sure understand that blank stare you occasionally receive when you utter the word “gluten.” This frightens me. Then I have to further explain that I cannot ingest anything breaded, fried, coming in contact with flour, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, wheat, rye, barley, MSG, Wine, or preservatives…and then you get the look of “this one is going to be tough.” I always explain that I know they cannot guarantee cross-contamination, but as long as they wash their hands, use clean work surfaces/utensils, that is all I can ask for. Depending on how patient the server is (and most of the time, they ask all kinds of questions and want to learn more about Celiac Disease,) my husband and I reward them with a 25% tip or higher-because of their pure awesomeness and willingness to learn about our safety. This section of my blog will be a “review” of restaurants (both table service and fast-food,) and what dishes have been deemed “safe” by my Celiac standards. Now, I have the gene that has severe complications. I cannot handle gluten past 5-10ppm (parts per million,) when most can handle up to 20ppm. So keep in mind, if there is a dish not on my list that is on your list of “safe dishes,” it doesn’t mean it isn’t gluten-free. It just means it isn’t gluten-free enough for some of us. If you look to the right of this paragraph, you’ll see a section with the heading “Recipes & Reviews.” If you click the dropdown menu, and select “Restaurants,” you’ll find my reviews on Restaurants both local to Atlanta, Orlando, and National Chains. I hope this helps!