I am new to this experience; however, I wanted to share the knowledge that I have gained over these last few years, with as many people as possible. A little about me…My name is Jennifer, I am 34, married to an amazing and supportive husband, and we were relocated to Atlanta, GA from Orlando, FL just over two years ago. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in 2014, and within 6 months, I was lactose intolerant, and 6 months after that, I was sulfite intolerant. This made eating out, near impossible. Luckily, my very supportive husband agreed for our house to go 100% Gluten-Free due to my intense Cross-Contamination complications. Due to all of my food “issues,” cooking  from scratch, was all I could do…so I began watching A LOT of Food Network! My husband and I joke that I went to “the culinary school of Food Network.” In the beginning, it was a learning process. Finding the best tasting flour blends, the best boxed Mac and Cheese, etc. Personally, everything tasted like cardboard. After these three years of trial and error, I think we’ve finally figured most of it out. All of my recipes are 100% completely Gluten-Free, MSG free, sulfite/sulfate free (natural occurring sulfites only,) and minimal lactose (ex: most recipes use Lactaid milk, lactose-free “butter”, and “Enjoy Life” lactose free chocolate chips may be substituted,) and written by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. I will provide you with the brands that I used, but feel free to substitute your favorites! Thank you again for joining me on this venture, and if you have any questions, recipes you want to see added in the future, etc., please contact me at: theglutenfreewife@gmail.com. Now grab your pots and pans, ingredients, and come enjoy tasty life, with the Gluten-Free Wife!


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