About the Cook…and the Blog.

20160806_101659-1Welcome to my blog of gluten-free, sulfite-free, and MSG-free recipes (some are dairy-free as well.) This idea began, due to my diagnosis of Celiac Disease back in 2014. Every week (God willing,) I will post at least one recipe that I write myself, and have tried out on non gluten-free eaters (just to be sure they’re as good as the real thing!) You can follow me on Instagram  @theglutenfreewife, or on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/theglutenfreewifeblog to see a preview of upcoming recipes and photos of meals I’m preparing. My goal is to introduce flavor back into our gluten-free lives. When I was first diagnosed, I was buying the gluten-free frozen meals, boxed dinners, etc, and I thought they had one thing in common…they tasted like processed cardboard! So I set out on this adventure. There is no need for us to suffer more than we already do! This blog isn’t just for Celiacs, or those with intolerances. If you just want to live a healthier lifestyle, gluten is found to cause an inflammatory process in everyone’s digestive system. These recipes are the perfect place to start! They do not cut the taste, the joy, or the fun out of the food (just the ingredients that can effect us on the inside.)

Now, a little about the cook: My name is Jennifer, and I relocated to Atlanta, GA from Orlando, FL two years ago for my husband’s work. My husband is extremely supportive, and has helped to turn our home into a 100% gluten-free atmosphere, due to my intense cross-contamination complications. I also suffer from two other autoimmune diseases, as well as Celiac Disease, so it is important for me to keep a close eye on my diet, making sure I have a well-balanced and nutritious meal. The good thing is I’ve done A LOT of research on vitamin replacement, Celiac Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, etc, because of my own health. I try ever week, to pass that on to my readers in my postings (as it pertains to my recipes.) Not to worry though! Not every post/recipe is a lecture. I try to give fun facts about the origin of certain dishes, personal anecdotes, etc as well! I’m also not one of those bloggers who writes 500 words every blog post. In fact, this is probably my longest post I’ve written. So that’s a little about me, my food, and what my blog is all about! If you try my recipes, please be sure to comment, and let everyone know if you added, subtracted any ingredients, what brands you used, etc? I’d love your input! Thank you for your time, and coming to enjoy the tasty life with the gluten-free wife!