One of the only fast-food restaurants I will trust! I have yet to have a reaction (when sticking with my normal menu options,) and I have eaten at many Chick-fil-A restaurants between Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL. Not only do they have a dedicated fryer for their hash browns and waffle fries, but every time I have been in, they have had a dedicated prep/packager at that station. This encourages no cross-contamination. Their potatoes are cooked in allergen-friendly Canola Oil, unlike their chicken (which is in peanut oil.) We Celiacs’ know that finding French fries in a public setting is a rare find, and these waffle fries are worth every bite! Now, because of my high risk of cross-contamination, I always stick with the same (safe) meal: 8 (or 12) piece grilled chicken nuggets (they come pre-sealed in a plastic container, so they won’t touch the rest of the food in the bag,) and waffle fries, with buttermilk ranch or Polynesian sauce (both sauces are gluten-free and MSG free.) If you’re wanting a healthier option, you can always substitute the waffle fries with a side salad. However, I would stay away from the superfood side, because it contains soy sauce (even though wheat is not listed on the website as an allergen ingredient, I had a horrible 3 days after first trying it out!) I asked if it contained wheat/gluten, and they said no (common mistake people make is not knowing soy sauce contains wheat!) After becoming violently ill, I did some recon, and noticed the soy sauce in the ingredients. So my advice is, if you have a high risk of cross-contamination, stick with:

Grilled Chicken Nuggets

Waffle Fries/Hashbrowns

Side Salad

Dipping Sauces: Buttermilk Ranch or Polynesian Sauce


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